We guarantee the quality of your products by enhancing safety during transport

Accurate data about your shipments is generated without manipulating or intervening in the cargo.
You can access actionable information about your deliveries.

Anywhere, anytime.

Clinical analysis laboratories

More precise results

Implementing a reliable traceability system allows obtaining quality data, improving internal processes, and ensuring patients greater accuracy in the analysis of their samples.

Pharmaceutical industry

We guarantee drug safety

Optimizing drug traceability processes throughout the distribution chain: laboratories, distributors, logistics operators, drugstores, pharmacies, and healthcare facilities, ensuring safe dispensing to patients.

Food industry

More confidence for consumers

Ensuring product traceability from origin to the final consumer enables companies to act effectively, quickly, and coordinatedly in the face of any eventuality that may arise.

Valued supporters

Valued supporters

Our Purpose
To save more lives


We provide tools that allow consumers to have more certainty about the authenticity and quality of the products dispensed.


We help companies be more transparent about their production and logistical processes, so they can adapt to market needs and consumer demands.


We generate accurate data that helps companies have more control over their processes, reducing errors and providing information to implement improvements.

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