Pharmaceutical safety

Secure dispensing thanks to optimized traceability throughout the distribution chain.


per 1 million samples (*)
per shipment (*)

(*) monthly values for an average laboratory

Our purpose

To save more lives

Guarantee product quality

Showcase operational transparency

Control processes and reduce errors

Quality data at your fingertips

Our app displays the start and completion of the shipment. It also enables the identification of checkpoints by location and time, generating two report types: a concise version and a detailed one.

Quality information dashboard

Provides real-time visualization of data across all stages of the shipment. Processes data and generates reports to facilitate efficient decision-making.


Transportation Control


Specifically designed for packaging and canners.

Storage Control


Equipped with WiFi 2.4 GHz. Operates on mains power supply. Features internal backup memory for system outages (up to 24 records) and configurable alerts for data deviations or interruptions.

Frequently asked questions

The service begins with an initial startup payment followed by a monthly subscription fee for each device. There are no usage limits per device.

Yes, we offer 15-day trials. The trials are free of charge and only the shipping costs are charged to the interested party.

Contracts have a minimum duration of 24 months and can be extended up to 60 months, with the possibility of automatic renewal.


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